It is the policy of ROEC to conduct its operations in a safe manner, to ensure good health of its personnel, secured environment and being sensitive to the needs and concerns of the communities around its area of operation. ROEC manages its operation in such a way as to achieve the following:


  • Preserve the health, safety and security of the employees and members of the general public who may be directly or indirectly impacted our services to clients either in the form of procurement, maintenance or executable contacts. We do this while reducing to the lowest possible level, any possible environmental impact that may company our services.

  • Company’s vision and mission is considered first in every decision, thus ensuring that our quality objectives are set at the corporate level along with other set goals at departmental levels. These must be compatible with our quality policy and are revised as necessary.

  • While believing that every service can be rendered without threatening the safety of the host communities, we strive to maintain reproductive relationship with the host communities.

  • Uphold kindliness to the desires and concerns of the host communities where our services are delivered. This, we do under the umbrella of our clients, who are mostly oil and gas producers in the industry.

  • Treat with high regard, the dictates of the prevailing community affairs and security management system.

  • Keep to our policy that no job or service shall be executed unless it has been considered safe to both man, fauna and the environment in general.

  • Carry out all emergency supply services safely and without any additional impact on the environment.

  • Consistently identifying keeping the workplace free from all manner of hazards.

  • Providing necessary occupational health and safety information, instructions and training to all staff to enable them discharge their duties safely and in a healthy environment.

  • Keeping to the dictates of the relevant safety rules as guided by the governing regulatory agencies.

  • Setting and reviewing constantly, our occupational health and safety objectives and targets.

  • Continually revising ROEC management system within distinct scopes so as to ensure its significance and suitability.

  • Frequently and effectively preventing injury and ill health and improving our occupational health and safety performance.

  • Selecting competent contractors and monitoring their performance to ensure related standards of occupational health and safety are secured.
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